In Today’s Environment, Cleaning for Health has taken on a new sense of Urgency. Cleaning for Health, Not just for looks, has been our focus all along. That is why we have Emphasized Pre Vacuuming Prior to all our services and moving Basic & Light Furnishings to remove as Allergens, Bacteria, Dust Pet Hair and other Bio-Pollutants from the Indoor Environment. 

We have now changed From Bag-less Vacuum Systems that show our clients the results of our vacuuming to using Bagged HEPA Vacuums that will not release a cloud of dust while emptying the collection chamber.

We have always use floor protection to keep from tracking soils and Bio-Pollutants from outside and routinely Cleaned our Services Vehicles and Equipment. 

Now, we are Cleaning and Sanitizing our Equipment as we pack up after Every Job!

Least of all, we are Wearing  Fresh Masks and Gloves when we work in your Homes and Business’s. 


Because of all the Extra Precautions and Procedures Necessitated by Covid-19, We have temporarily raised our Minimum Charge up to $225


We can even Supplement your efforts by Scheduling to Deep Clean the Major Touch Points and

Surfaces in your Home or Business prior to using an Electrostatic Sprayer to Apply an

EPA Registered Disinfectant that is approved for treating all kinds of Bacteria and Viruses, including Covid-19 



If you have any further concerns or requests, please let us know so we can plan to address them.

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