A flooded basement walls and framing dried by homeowner Gaithersburg Maryland


Unlike many carpet cleaning companies that do; ”Flood Work”, My Carpet Cleaning Service provides IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration  Services. I am a 10 year IICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician hundreds of restorations of experience to draw from as well as 30 years of home improvement experience of my associate who helps in my larger restorations as well as as my remodeling after the mitigation has been completed.

 All too often I get phone calls from people 7 to 10 days after storm surge saying that they had a little water problem in their basement but it’s dry now and they need the carpet cleaned to get rid of the smell.

So I have to ask them to dry the carpet, did they address the drywall and framing? All too often I get the scary reply that we took this shop-vac and put a few box fans down there and turned on our dehumidifier. Even worse I hear we called a carpet cleaner, who came by and sucked out the water of their flooded basement and put a few fans down…

Sorry people, both of these approaches are recipe for disaster for YOUR Flooded Basement!

The homeowners approach rarely addresses the padding beneath the carpet and the dehumidification is never enough to dry a flooded basement; the drywall,  the framing behind it, and insulation between them.

The average carpet cleaning service may have someone that’s read the labels of some of the antimicrobial products that we use or even better, if you’re lucky , that has taken the water damage restoration class at a local distributor. So, it’s hit or miss what you may get and if they’ll even know what you need to dry your flooded basement, the walls and the framing.

Stay tuned for the next snippet of this series. But in the meantime, please feel free to visit my website, www.MCC-Service.com, where you can learn about my restoration services at my restorations page, http://www.mcc-service.com/My-Restorations.html . If you have a flood emergency, you can call me at 301-445-7440.

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basement walls and framing dried by homeowner Gaithersburg Maryland