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My Carpet Cleaning Service has been has been providing carpet and Area Rug Cleaning Services in the Potomac MD area for over 20 years now. Providing only the best in quality services with the integrity given to me by my parents, I’ve built a service with repeat clientele that have been using me year after year for good reason.

The other day we went to examine a new client’s home. We were to clean all the furniture upstairs along with the wall-to-wall carpeting provide our Area Rug Cleaning Services, when I found the rug pictured above. Rather than just provide the Area Rug Cleaning Services, I informed the client that it may not be worth it for them to spend $280 for me to provide my Area Rug Cleaning Services, which may not get rid of all the mold and would still leave some of the mold staining beneath the rug, when the actual replacement cost for the rug may only be $600-$800. Since the rug wasn’t crucial to the design element of the room it was then it was easily replaceable, after all it was just “a rug” on the floor.

Yes, it’s a shame to discard such a beautiful rug but still Area Rug Cleaning isn’t always the answer to odor coming from a mold infested rug. It would’ve been far more desirable to dry the carpet immediately and then provide regular Area Rug Cleaning Services; avoiding the situation in the first place and averting the need for such a cost, but its true hindsight is 20/20.

If you live in the Potomac  MD area and have any questions regarding our Area Rug Cleaning Services or any other of My Services, please feel free to call me at 301-445-7440 or you can visit my website, My Carpet Cleaning Service


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