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My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning & Related Services in the Rockville Maryland area since 1992. However, people aren’t aware that we also Provide Quality Care of Fine Area Rugs as Well!

Starting with a Pre-inspection to see if there are any potential problems, such as color bleeding, loose threads, loose fringes, or needs for any repairs prior to cleaning... etc. We then determine the standard of care to be given then proceed to provide your treasures with the delicate treatment that they deserve.

Once they are taken away, they are dusted to remove as much of the dry debris as possible before being Hand Cleaned, Submersion Washed or Soaked & Washed, before they are Extracted and hung in a Drying Chamber prior to a final inspection and grooming prior to packing for delivery.

You don’t have to live in Rockville Maryland to call us,! We service Most of Montgomery County as well as Northern Prince George’s County and Southern Howard County as well! So, if you have rug that have been sitting around gathering dust and withering away, call me at 301-445-7440 to discuss your rugs and arrange for pre-inspection.

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