Area Rug Cleaning in Silver Spring Maryland


Many carpet cleaning companies offer Area Rug Cleaning in the Silver Spring Maryland area unbelievably cheap rates.  BUT, do they really know what they are doing? What type of service are they offering?

My Carpet Cleaning Service offers Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services that starts with a Proper inspection. Then after they are taken back to the shop we begin with by Dusting of the Rugs; removing all the ground in pet hairs, soils and other debris from deep in the foundation of the rug. From there the cleaning is customized to the Rug and the level of cleaning desired by you, the owner.

We can provide a Topical Cleaning, Full Submersion, or Odor Decontamination Service followed by Application of Wool Fabric Protector or a Moth Proofing Treatment. Afterwards, the rugs are hung to dry using Wall Mounted Fans, Turbo dryers and Dehumidification.

Using only Wool Safe™ approved products and procedures we test all rugs for color fastness prior to wet cleaning or are cleaned with a dry powder treatment if they are suspected of bleeding. Regardless, the rugs are treated with a “dye-locking agent” to “lock out” fugitive dyes while they are flushed from the rug.

If you live in the Silver Sp[ring or surrounding area and have any interest in having your Wool Rugs Cleaned, Please Feel free to call me @ 301-445-7440 for an in-home inspection a pricing.  For any further information, please visit our Website,



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