Burst Pipes Causing Problems From top to bottom Rockville, MD!


My Carpet Cleaning Service Has been providing Water Damage Restoration Services and Structural Drying for over 20 years in the Rockville, MDand surrounding Area! With the recent Cyberian Express that came through our area, many of our friends or neighbors have suffered the agony of the frozen pipe that gave way and burst, Flooding their home; Flooding their carpet, Flooding their belonging, Soaking their ceilings and walls and getting under the Wooden Floors.

Well, at My Carpet Cleaning Service, I have Been Trained to take care of all of those problems and safely dry your home and bring it back to its pre-loss condition, if possible. Using some proven “Old School” Technology” along with the “Cutting Edge” of the Industries’ new products and Methodologies, we will secure your environment and your health and then quickly dry the structure to prevent any Microbial Growth from setting in.

But you have to act fast, it’s up to you to minimize the damage as soon as you notice it! The longer you wait, the more time you give the water to soak in and the longer it will take to pull out and the more you will put yourself in Danger of Microbial Activity!  So call us ASAP @ 301-445-7440 before someone else with an emergency calls!

Remember, we work with the Insurance Companies, WE Don’t Work for Them! WE WORK FOR YOU! Thus, we just run up a bill because it’s the insurance company and we “know the adjuster… nor do we take shortcuts or cut corners just to keep costs down for the hand that feeds us and gives us referrals. For more information on My Carpet Cleaning Service and Water Damage Restoration Services in the Rockville, MD Area, please visit our website @ www.MCC-Service.com

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Water Damage Restoration Rockville, MD