Caring for the Rest of Your Home while Carpet Cleaning Potomac Maryland


My Carpet Cleaning Service, Located at,  has been Providing Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Potomac Maryland and the surrounding cities of Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Silver Spring  for over 20 years. An IICRC Certified Firm with a Master Cleaning Technician or a Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician on each Carpet Cleaning, My Carpet Cleaning Service emphasizes the fundamental of Carpet Cleaning, Spending time to care and protect our client’s home’s and their possessions.

Too many companies just come into your home and tell you what you want to hear, while selling you a bill of goods, then they run around like they have somewhere else they would rather be. Cutting corners, leaving furniture that can be moved, telling clients that spots are permanent without even trying to spot treat them, they wrap up the job and run away. Making our industry look like the “Tin Men” of Old!

It’s only after the cleaners have left that the homeowners notice the spots that were left behind, scratches on the walls, and the treatment that they get when they call about a follow-up service to handle their concerns is horrible. What is left behind is a client with a distrust of all Carpet Cleaners in General. They hesitate on calling on another professional again for fear of getting the same horrible service until they get desperate or a personal referral.

You know the value of your home, living on Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, or surrounding Maryland Suburbs, the value of the house is just the beginning; you have you Delicate Wool Rugs, Custom Upholstered Furnishings, Wooden, Stone, & Marble Floors, Custom Faux Paint Jobs. Who can you trust in your home?

WE use Corner guards to protect your walls from our hoses rubbing along them and damaging the trim work and paint jobs. We Care enough to pin up the low hanging Fabrics from your Upholstered Furnishings to keep them from getting water marks while the carpeting sries. We care for you wooden floors by wiping off any moisture then to keep the finish from staining or them absorbing water in the seams; we even cover them when cleaning Upholstered Furnishings to minimize the risk of  over-spray of overspray or Water related Damage during the cleaning.



 The use of Vinyl coated drop cloths keeps water from soaking through the and soaking the wooden floors


Then you have us at My Carpet Cleaning Service, along with a few other True Professional Carpet Cleaning Services; we actually take the time to do it right!


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