Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning in Rockville, MD

As much as we’d like to hope, our home doesn’t stay perfectly clean and neat forever. Time takes its natural toll, as our possessions accumulate dust, dirt, and grime with every passing day. When that happens, be sure to have help by your side - call up My Carpet Cleaning Service today!

In Rockville, MD, we are the most professional and trusted carpet cleaning service around. To achieve that reputation over the past 21 years in business, we improved upon two major assets of our company: our diligence, and effective efficiency. By doing so, we can guarantee customers a service that gets the job done on time, stress-free, and for a price that you can afford.

Rockville Maryland Carpet Cleaning

One of our main offers to customers is our expert carpet and tile cleaning. These surfaces are vital parts of the home: tiles are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, while carpets fill dining rooms and dens with a fabric that is comfortable for all. However, these surfaces are also the most susceptible to spills, stains, and loads of bacteria, all of which are the last things you want inside of your home. Now why should you have to deal with that?

You shouldn’t. So, to combat this, our seasoned staff will come to your home, survey the tiles and carpets that need renovation, and figure out the best plan of attack. Once done, we’ll get to work, with a clean, thorough process that will have the place sparkling in no time. Your home will feel like home again, and that’s not all.

In addition to our expert carpet and tile cleaning, we also offer a discounted deal on upholstery cleaning, which can prove to be a difficult situation if not taken care of. Our windows are hosts to all sorts of dust, and the pane itself is a whole different story. Dirty blinds can make for disgusting inhalants, too, creating a dangerous environment that you should not have to live in.


Like with our carpet and tile cleaning, our staff will survey the upholstery first and foremost before deciding what it needs. Then, we’ll get to work ASAP with a quick and efficient strategy that will, in the end, ensure you’re no longer breathing in dust and dirt on a regular basis. That’s a promise we always keep with our customers.

After all of this is done, we set our crosshairs on what could be the most deceiving item in the house: the rug. With thick fabric, rugs are too often the hidden hosts of all sorts of germs and stains. To combat this, we’ll deploy a time-tested cleaning method that allows our soaps and fluids to get to the bottom of the rug, digging up the deepest of the bacteria in there. Once we’re out, your rug will look good as new.

Throughout all of this, we have only mentioned getting rid of the physical damage brought upon by dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria. However, what is arguably the worst threat to our prized possessions is not in this solid category. Believe it or not, water can be the most harmful substance to touch your carpets, tiles, rugs, or upholstery, because, once it does, a host of molds, rots, and grime can accumulate and pose quite a problem for those who lack professional help.

For proper water restoration, you need to have experience on your side, and My Carpet Cleaning Service can provide that in a heartbeat. Over the past 21 years in business, we’ve seen it all in terms of disastrous water damage on every type of surface out there, so any situation we’re left with, we’ll be more than prepared to take care. Mold? Grime? No problem.

Wherever the damage may be — in the shower, underneath the carpets, or on the ceilings — we’ll combat it with a strategy that takes all factors into account, including square space, room setup, and the vicinity of prized possessions. By doing so, it allows us to counter the water damage in a way that doesn’t damage anything else, yet takes the proper amount of time to get the job done right.

In any of these situations, professional help is meant to assure you your home will be back to normal in no time. However, in order for this to happen, we need your help. My Carpet Cleaning Service did not exist for 21 years in the business without first hearing from our customers about personal preferences, questions, and their experiences working with us.

These matters are extremely important to us, as they allow us to improve upon the two features we first mentioned but now bare repeating: our diligence, and effective efficiency. If we can strengthen these things, it’ll be a win-win for the customers and us: we’ll be able to provide a better service with satisfaction guaranteed. If the customer is happy in their homes, then we’ve done our job right.

For more information on our expert tile, carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning, contact My Carpet Cleaning Service today!