Carpet Cleanering starts with Vacuuming

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My Carpet Cleaning Service has been a provider of IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Services since 1992! We have been providing our services here in Potomac Maryland and the surrounding area in homes like yours as well as some of the area’s leading businesses, churches, restaurants and schools.

As part of our Basic Carpet Cleaning Service, we start of by Thoroughly Vacuuming your carpeting to remove all the dry particulate soils and pet hairs & dander (if you have pets) that we possibly can. It has been documented that over 80% of the soiling in your carpeting can be removed by a Thorough Vacuuming! Sad to say that there are a lot of Carpet Cleaning Companies that don’t Vacuum your carpeting or even have a vacuum in their trucks!

Lately we have switched to Bagless Vacuum so that we can monitor the results as we go. Just look at the the debri in the oictures above, these are from just a livng room carpet that was vacuumed three days before the Caret Cleaning Service was scheduled!

Application of the cleaning pre-sprays and treatments that are used in carpet cleaning without vacuuming the carpeting turns all those soils in the carpet into “mud”. The pretreatments are wasted on the soils, our cleaning systems vacuum filters get congested and become less and less efficient. Basically the Carpet Cleaning suffers even if you don’t notice! The soils turn to mud and don’t get extracted are left behind to cut up your carpet’s fibers like little razor blades each and every time that you walk across the carpets! Even worse, pet hairs and dander become further entrenched in the carpet, increasing the potential for pet odors to linger or worsen!

 Moreover, if your Carpet Cleaning Service isn’t providing the First Step specified to properly clean carpeting, what other corners are they cutting? Are they leaving your carpets wet for too long? Are they leaving the carpets full of residue? Are they over diluting the Scotch Gard they have sold you to protect your carpeting?

If you live in Potomac Maryland or the surrounding areas and are interest a Carpet Cleaning Service that Thoroughly Vacuums your carpeting and pays attention all to the details that make for a proper Carpet Cleaning and provide Superior Results, My Carpet Cleaning Service is the company you want! So call 301-445-7440 to make an appointment or for more information, visit our website,

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