Carpet Cleaning Chevy Chase, MD

My carpet cleaning service, and IICRC Certified Firm is a carpet cleaning company that provides premium carpet cleaning services at reasonable rates. We have been providing our services nearing Chevy Chase Maryland and the surrounding areas for over 23 years now. During that time we evolved from mainly a commercial carpet cleaning business to a provider of premium residential carpet cleaning services.
Even when performing a minimal service, our services still incorporate the use of the most modern techniques and assuring a clean outcome that dries as fast as possible given the service performed. Here you see is cleaning a white carpet where children play on all day long, thus after all the preconditioning we thoroughly flush the carpet with multiple wet passes as well as countless dry strokes.
As you see in the video, we incorporated the "Four to the Door" concept to provide a boost to the drying power of the machines vacuum system. This system increases the airflow of the machine providing even more, as much as 30% more, airflow and thus shortening the drying time as well.
If you are interested in a carpet cleaning company that actually provides quality carpet cleaning as opposed to a "splash-n-dash" wet your carpets and runaway carpet cleaner, then visit our website at to see all the details of all the services that we provide with pricing as well.
Then if you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at 301-445-7440 to discuss them in detail.