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My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing carpet cleaning services in Silver Spring MD for over 21 years now. Ranked as the top carpet cleaning services in Silver Spring MD by Google in their local search engines with over 10 reviews by homeowners like you and with over 100 reviews for carpet cleaning services by homeowners in Angie’s list which is earned my carpet cleaning service Angie’s List’s 2012 super service award.

What sets my carpet cleaning service apart from the other carpet cleaning services is our dedication to provide you a quality experience as a homeowner as I myself would want as a homeowner from a service provider working in my own home. Thus, we come to provide carpet cleaning services to your home in Silver Spring or the surrounding area you can rest assured that not only will the job be done right but you will be treated with dignity and respect.

So rest assured, with My Carpet Cleaning Service you will not have to worry about someone trying the run-up your charges, just to pad their wallet at your expense. There are no pressured sales tactics! All of my services and pricing is laid out on my company website,

So, if you need carpet cleaning services in Silver Spring MD, please feel free to call me at 301-445-7440 or you can email me at


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