Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring in Summers Heat

Unlike most carpet cleaning companies, My Carpet Cleaning Service provides professional carpet cleaning services that starts by utilizing the newest technology and maximizing the power available to delivery not only a Deep and Thorough Cleaning but Providing Quicker Drying Times than other services claiming the same. 

As Carpet Cleaning Companies, I spent untold thousands of Dollars on Equipment. Going the extra step, I was forward thinking enough to invest in the Best of the Best. This has left me free from constant repairs and replacement cost and giving me the freedom to invest further in all of the newest accessories to have at my disposal to use as needed in my clients homes and business's. Yet the largest investment I make is in education and training.

Leaving my customers, as the beneficiaries of my investments. My clients never have to feel like they are settling for whatever is on the truck or an easy to use do-it-all product. I only use task appropriate tools and fabric/ stain appropriate products.

If you live in Silver Spring or the surrounding area and this is the type of Professional Carpet Cleaning Service you want in your home or business, call me, Rich at My Carpet Cleaning Service! I can be reached at 301-445-7440.

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