Carpet Cleaning for Children's Health


When Carpet Cleaning for Children’s Health we must be careful in choosing the right Carpet Cleaning Company because no all Carpet Cleaners are Created Equal!  The IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard is very specific in stating the carpets need to be vacuumed prior to any type of cleaning process, yet most Carpet Cleaning Companies don’t even carry a vacuum on their cleaning trucks!

Imagine if you have a cat or a dog, all those hairs not getting vacuumed just to get left on the carpet to get wet and then left on the carpet to fester, give off odors and grow germs. O’ yeah, someone else can sell you a spray on De-odorizer, after the cleaning for the kids to crawl on and breathe in afterwards as an add-on, costing you more and accomplishing nothing. NO!

You want to make sure that you get a deep cleaning and there are no unhealthy residues left in the carpeting for your children to breathe as they crawl around and play on the carpeting. That also means a quick drying cleaning so that you have no chance of bacteria growing in your carpets either!

My Carpet Cleaning Service has been Cleaning For Health for Parents like you in the Rockville Maryland area for over 20 years and I would be glad to come to your home and show you how we can make you home’s environment safer for you children as well as yourself and your parents as well.

If this is the type of care that you want when you have your carpets cleaned in the Rockville Maryland area and you need more information about how to get Carpet Cleaning for Children’s Health, then you need to call me @ 301-445-7440.

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Carpet cleaning for childrens health