Ceramic Tile & Grout Restoration in Potomac Maryland


Some of the houses in the Potomac Maryland area still have their vintage tiles remaining and  in order to keep the authentic feel of the house, many homeowners are restoring their Ceramic Tile & Grout Floors. The before and after photo’s seen above tell the story of a floor that is over 50 years old, complete with the crack down the middle of the floor from the house settling.

Using specialized products and a restorative procedure, the Ceramic Tiles and the Grout Lines were nearly brought back to their original condition. Without any damage to the old grout , which is all to common with some cleaners that just blast away at the floor with extremely high pressures, our multi-step process is safe for old and brittle grout.

As part of the restoration, a special finish was applied to restore the original shine of the tiles.

If this type of restoration is what you want for your home in Potomac Maryland, or any of the surrounding communities like Bethesda, Rockville or Silver Spring, then My Carpet Cleaning Service is the company you want to call.

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