Dependable Carpet Cleaning Potomac MD

My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing Dependable Carpet Cleaning in the Potomac MD and surrounding area for over 21 years now. Recently, I ran across a posting for this new segment on the be WJLA and I had to comment on it. These types of companies are the scourge of our industry. They brought shame upon us and then made a suspect the worst scrutiny for every homeowner who’s had a bad experience with any tradesperson ever! As bad, if not worse than, the bait and switch operators, which are the bane of my existence, these guys pray on the clients that I serve and depend on for living. I don’t mind if a potential client doesn’t hire me, so long as they get a quality cleaner. That is why I have "Consumers Inside Guide To Carpet Cleaning" on my website, so you can make an informed decision and not get burned. So, if you need Dependable Carpet Cleaning Potomac MD area, please visit my website at and get a copy of the "Consumers Inside Guide To Carpet Cleaning". If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call me at 301-445-7440. Sincerely, Hratch “Rich” Gakavian