Detailed Carpet Cleaning in Rockville Maryland 20854


No, all carpet cleaning services are not the same! Not all Carpet Cleaning Services are certified. Not all carpet cleaning services vacuum before cleaning. Not all carpet cleaning services used truck mounted equipment.

 My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing Detailed Capet Cleaning in Rockville Maryland area for over 22 years now. An Owner Operated and I.I.C.R.C. certified firm with a Master Cleaning and Restoration Technician on every job, My Carpet Cleaning Service takes the time to pay attention to the details that really matter not only in cleaning your carpets but in caring for your home as well.

In setting up corner guards to protect your baseboards and walls from damage that may be caused by our hoses as their run around the corners of your home is just one example that sets My Carpet Cleaning Service apart

Taking the time to use a small upholstery tool to clean your steps, allowing us to get into the tight corners but larger tools won’t, but getting tight angles on the front lip of the steps and superior extraction of the cleaning solutions to facilitate faster drying is another of the examples.

Another example is our readiness and willingness to use spotting products proactively and allowing them the time to do their work to give a superior results. My Carpet Cleaning Service doesn’t just run the wand over the carpet and say, “Sorry, that’s the best we can do, it’s a permanent stain”, unless we’ve gone through multiple spotting procedures first!

If you live in the Rockville Maryland area, and this type of Detailed Carpet Cleaning is what you’re interested in, please do not hesitate to contact My Carpet Cleaning Service at 301-445-7440.

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