Detailed Tile & Grout Cleaning in Rockville MD


My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing Detailed Tile & Grout cleaning in Rockville MD and surrounding area for over 21 years.

At My Carpet Cleaning Service, we don’t just spray solution, turn up the pressure and blast away your Tile & Grout’s surface and say it is cleaning. Detailed Tile & Grout Cleaning involves a multi-step process; starting with an application of a pre-spraying, then brushing in the products, followed by the extraction process.

Detailed Tile & Grout Cleaning can be accomplished using moderate pressure settings so as not to disturb loose or otherwise damaged grout, which may become separated from the floor under higher pressures.

Further, at My Carpet Cleaning Service, part of our service involves moving the draw out from underneath of the oven so we can remove all the crumbs and oils that have accumulated over the course of time. At the homeowners request will even pull out the refrigerator, however this is done at the homeowners risk because the installation of the water line for the icemaker is so delicate and there are times when there is no slack in the line that we have to worry about potential leaks. As is the case in the picture above we could barely move the refrigerator out far enough to clean underneath the without worrying about putting too much pressure on the copper tubing.

So if you live in Rockville MD or the surrounding area ,and you are interested in Detailed Tile & Grout cleaning, please feel free to call me @ 301-445-7440. For further information you can go to my website,


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