Flood Basement in Rockville Maryland

What you see here are the final stages of Drying a Flooded Basement in Rockville, Maryland.

This Flooded Basement in Rockville Maryland sat wet for nearly a week before we got called by the homeowner. The Boxes in the utility area were starting to mold as well as the wall near the Condensation Pump of the Air Conditioner that was the Source of the Leak. There was a drying chamber set up and was placed under negative pressure. Afterwards we had the area inspected by a Certified Mold Inspector who cleared the area for normal drying procedures as we already had the H.E.P.A. filtration and Negative are set up.

It is our Responsibility, when Drying your Flooded Basement, not to make things worse! Spreading Mold, Lead or other contaminants is something that we are trained to avoid. That is why we use universal precautions when we set up to do any mitigation. Using a H.E.P.A. Filter during the initial mitigation work; Disengaging the carpet and removing the baseboards. By this time, we have usually gotten a good read on the job and also have our drying chamber erected prior to turning on any air movers. The drying chamber, besides speeding the drying process, contains airborne particles and prevents their spread to the clean environment in the unaffected area!   

 All the contents, carpet and structure were dry when this video was taken, the Drying Chamber removed and we are just running the H.E.P.A. Filters an extra day for caution's sake!

If you have any questions regarding a Flooded Basement Rockville Maryland with Delicate Surroundings, Please Feel free to call me at 301-445-7440 or look us up ay www.MCC-Service.com