Flooded Basement Carpet and Walls Dried in Silver Spring Maryland


My Carpet Cleaning Service, started Silver Spring in 1992, has been providing the local community with Professional Carpet, Upholstery, & Power Cleaning of Hard Floors and other related services for over 20 years now.

With an IICRC Certified Master Cleaning and Restoration Technician on Site for Every Restoration, we strive to provide our clients with the most efficient course of action to return their home back to normal. After an initial inspection and preliminary paperwork, we Extract the Water from your Basement when it Floods or from your Living Room when a Pipe Bursts in the Bathroom above. Then we can address the Wet Flooded Carpet & Padding or the Saturated Wood Floors and Walls.

Once all that Water is Extracted care of, we can get to the real course of business in dealing with the Water Damage; Dehumidifying and Drying your Home. We can dry the walls and insulation behind them by removing the baseboards and venting the wall cavities to let air circulate inside wall the cavities. Sometimes we shall use equipment like Turbo Dryers or Injectors to force airflow into those cavities to speed up the drying process.

Sometimes we can Dry the Carpet, Padding and Walls “In-Place”, which minimizes all of the mess associated with the conventional means of drying the flooded houses as well as reduces the time it takes to get the place back together. There is less, if any, need for drywall repairs, trim work, or painting when this method is used but it can only be done under curtain circumstances and has to be done with the proper equipment and constant monitoring to assure complete and proper Structural Drying.

Pictured above are photos a Thermal Drying Unit being ducted around the walls of a Flooded Basement. This Drying System dried the carpet in one day the baseboards, Insulation, and Framing behind the walls in two days, the total cost from the Water Extraction to the Carpet Reinstallation and Cleaning was only $1,950.00, project completed in 4 days . If the walls had to be opened up for drying, the total cost from the Water Extraction to painting and Carpet Reinstallation and Cleaning would have been nearly $7,000.00 and would have taken an additional week to ten days.

If you live in the Silver Spring Maryland area and are in need of Water Damage Restoration Services like these, Call 301-445-7440 Now!

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Flooded Basement Carpet and Walls Dried in Silver Spring Maryland