Frozen Pipes and Flooded Homes in Rockville Maryland


So here we are its January and it’s cold outside, real cold. Most of us is remembered to winterize our pipes so we don’t have to worry, but some of us have an and were about to have a rude awakening. You may be home or you may be at work when it happens but when it gets cold enough the water in your pipes will freeze and expand and then the pipes may burst and flood your home.

Sometimes when frozen pipes lead to flooded in someone’s basement, they are aware of it for several hours. All of a sudden someone goes downstairs and they realize that there is water in the basement! What will you do, who we call?

My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing Water Damage Restoration Services for homeowners and businesses in the Rockville Maryland area like you for over 23 years now. As a certified I ICRC master restoration technician, I have been trained to identify the extent of the problem as well as the solution to the drying needs. With a quick response and the proper tools for the extraction of the water and drying equipment, My Carpet Cleaning Service and take care of your Flooded Basement and make just like it was before.

I’ll be there working for you, not the insurance company, insuring that your home remains will dry quickly and that you and your family will be returned to your normal routine as soon as possible. I’ll have the contractors ready to start the re-installation of carpeting or rebuilding and painting process as soon as the insurance has agreed to the scope and authorized the funds.

So, if you live in Rockville Maryland or the surrounding area and have a flood emergency, for an immediate response you need to call 301-445-7440 to reach me , Rich, at My Carpet Cleaning Service.


                                                                                                Hratch “Rich” Gakavian


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Frozen Pipes and Flooded Homes in Rockville Maryland