Glue Down Carpet Repairs Silver Spring

My Carpet Cleaning Service is an IICRC Certified Firm that has been Providing 5 Star services for over 25 years. Specializing in Carpet Cleaning and Related Services, we have proven ourselves to be a valued resource to our clients. One of the related services that we provide is Carpet Repairs; Re-Stretching, Patchwork, Re-installation and even Sales & Installation.


One of the more difficult repairs is removing buckles from Glued Down Carpet Installations. There are times when this is not possible without considerable effort, if not risk, and cost. As with all repairs, the first step is a thorough pre-inspection to scope the cause(s) of the problem and the determining the course of action. Once this has been established, we can then inform you on the preparations that you to perform before our arrival as well as set the level of expectation for realistic outcome.

Then, there are times when we perform Carpet Repairs, when it is as easy as peeling it back and applying the proper glue, GIVING THE GLUE TIME TO SET UP and then laying the carpet down and stretching it into place.

The Carpet Repair pictured above was simple. The buckles in the carpet were the result of glue failure after nearly 25 years of usage, you can even see the broken down gluse left on the floor that was recoated as part of the repair. All that had to be done was to move the furnishings out of the room ( even the Refrigerator) , peel the carpeting back half way, as stated above, re-apply a fresh coating of glue, wait and then lay and stretch/ manipulate the carpet back in place before repeating to the other half of the room


If you have a glue down carpeting at your Business or in your Home’s kitchen or basement that are in need of some form of Carpet Repair, please do not hesitate to call My Capret Cleaning Service at that we can set you up for an inspection and estimate to effect the repairs.

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