With the increasing demand and advancements in product formulation, GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS are actually providing results that we can call CLEAN! That's right, over the last few years, GREEN CLEANING has become a viable option for most cleaning situations!

Below are two pictures of Carpet Fibers. On the left you see the residue left behind by Low Residue Conventional Cleaners, even using Truck Mounted Extraction! On the right right you can barley see a trace of any residue left behind by my Green Cleaning system the rinses with Ordinary Hot Water that is Softened by the On Board Water Softener inside My Mobile Cleaning Plant!


Sticky Residue is just one of the many problems with using soap and detergents to care for carpets.  This residue causes a rapid re-soiling that results in carpets becoming dirty faster and possibly creating unhealthy indoor air quality by leaving lingering odors from off-gassing.  When you use soaps or detergents, you may be improperly cleaning and creating more harm than good to your carpets.

 Not only does it work to improve the life of the carpets you are cleaning but it also improves the air quality.  It is non-toxic, allergy and asthma safe, environmentally safe and it works!  So stop worrying about air quality and toxins and use Soap Free Procyon


There is more to Green Cleaning and ServicesGreen Cleaning Services than just the products used, It's the methodology as well!

When asked for and providing Green Services, I will use green products for the basic cleaning, and what limited spot work that they are effective on. Then, I will use conventional products for the more complex spot as treatments are not yet available for them as green products; however, as they become available, I will start using them!

Besides just Green Cleaning products, which almost every manufacturer is now manufacturing, I carry a Product line who's Products were the first cleaning products to be certified under Green Seal's Revised GS-37, 2008 (2009) Standards and can be rinsed with water! Cleaning with these products cleans your carpet, rugs, Tile & Grout Floors, and Upholstery, while removing trace amounts of residues left behind by our other cleaning products.

Thus, My Carpet's are Healthier for You and Your Family and Stay Cleaner Longer than when other cleaners come into Your Home! I even Stock a Green Fabric Protector, that rivals the Maxim Advanced® Fabric Protector that I offer except that it only offers protection against soils, water and oil based spots, it can't give "dye stain protection".

For Tile & Grout Cleaning Services, I also have Green Products that are certified under Green Seal's Revised GS-37, 2008 (2009) Standards that do a wonderful job on all but the most severely soiled floors that are Odorless and Low V.O.C.! When Performing Water Damage Restoration Services, I have a Green Label Anti-Microbial Product that can be applied, which is effective for all situations except for sewage losses.

Speaking of Green Cleaning, it's time for me to go on a rant! Besides just using Green Products, these are just a few of the ways My Carpet Cleaning Services Provides Greener Services;