Leaking Shower Pan Floods Kitchen Ceiling

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Over the course of Time, the shower surround, caulking, backing boards, shower pan and plumbing that make up the entire Shower system will fail. And when it does, the water will find the path of least resistance and follow it, either down a pipe or across a joist or a combination of both, till it hits drywall or even some flooring….

My Carpet Cleaning Service has been Providing Certified Water Damage Restoration Services in the Rockville Maryland and surrounding areas for over 20 years. AS an IICRC Certified Master Cleaning and Restoration Technician, I have the Experience and training to properly evaluate the extent of the damage and develop an effective drying plan to efficiently mitigate the loss.

If there is a need to set up a containment chamber, such as was the case in this particular loss, to prevent the spread of mold that had grown underneath the wood framing until it could be dealt with while the structural drying was effected; I have a stocked Restoration Truck filled with the latest drying equipment, technologies and supplies at my disposal.



Using Thermal Imaging, I can easily evaluate the Drying Process to make sure that the entire effected area is being dried. Both in the areas that are and aren’t apparent to the naked eye!


If this is the type of Detailed Water Damage Restoration Service that you would want for your home Please feel free to call me at 301-445-7440. For more information on my Restoration services, you can visit my website at, www.MCC-Service.com.



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Leaking Shower pan