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Some Examples Of My Carpet Cleaning

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Hi, my name is Hratch "Rich" Gakavian, and I am the owner of My Carpet Cleaning Service, a locally owned and owner operated company that delivers the highest level of Certified Professional Carpet Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration Services, and Related Services. Combining; Certified Formal Training, Experience, State of the Art Truck Mounted and Portable Equipment and My Father's Work Ethic to Provide my Clients the Most Thorough Services Possible!

No matter what service; Carpet Cleaning in Potomac Maryland, Upholstery Cleaning in Bethesda Maryland, Tile & Grout Cleaning in Rockville, Pet Stains or Odor Control in Silver Spring, a little Flood Water Extraction back in Potomac, a Major Water Damage Restoration in Bethesda, or Structural Drying in Sandy Spring, all my services are provided with the pride, there is No Shame in My Game at All!


Since 1992, I have been providing my services to homeowners like you, as well as some of the area's most prominent businesses, churches, government offices, nursing homes, office buildings, realtors, restaurants, schools, sports clubs ...etc.

My customers, their home's and business's are treated with the same care and respect you would give to your own home and me to mine! No matter what size the job, I place an emphasis on Quality that is unsurpassed. I don't rush through a job just to get to the next one, if I'm not happy with the results, how can I expect my other clients, or you, to be?

I've based my business around the lower part of Montgomery County in Silver Spring allowing me the ability to be close to home to help Parents care for my Grandmother and now for them. Making me the perfect resource for all of your needs, especially your Emergency Water Damage and Restoration Services needs; when response time really matters and follow ups are so critical to proper restoration of your Home or Property!

Just 15 to 20 minutes from Bethesda and Rockville and only 20 to 35 minutes form most of Potomac, My Carpet Cleaning Service is Perfectly Located to Service anyone in the Southern part of Montgomery count.
I look forward to being of service,

Hratch Gakavian


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With the increasing demand and advancements in product formulation, GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS are actually providing results that we can call CLEAN! That's right, over the last few years, GREEN CLEANING has become a viable option  for most cleaning situations!

Below are two pictures of Carpet Fibers. On the left you see the residue left behind by Low Residue Conventional Cleaners, even using Truck Mounted Extraction! On the right right you can barley see a trace of any residue left behind by my Green Cleaning system the rinses with Ordinary Hot Water that is Softened by the On Board Water Softener inside My Mobile Cleaning Plant!


There is more to Green Cleaning and ServicesGreen Cleaning Services     than just the products used, It's the methodology as well!                                                                                                      

 When asked for and providing Green Services, I will use green products for the basic cleaning, and what limited spot work that they are effective on. Then, I will use conventional products for the more complex spot as treatments are not yet available for them as green products; however, as they become available, I will start using them!

Besides just Green Cleaning products, which almost every manufacturer is now manufacturing, I carry a Product line who's Products were the first cleaning products to be certified under Green Seal's Revised GS-37, 2008 (2009) Standards and can be rinsed with water! Cleaning with these products cleans your carpet, rugs, Tile & Grout Floors, and Upholstery, while removing trace amounts of residues left behind by our other cleaning products.

Thus, My Carpet's are Healthier for You and Your Family and Stay Cleaner Longer than when other cleaners come into Your Home! I even Stock a Green Fabric Protector, that rivals the Maxim Advanced® Fabric Protector that I offer except that it only offers protection against soils, water and oil based spots, it can't give "dye stain protection"

For Tile & Grout Cleaning Services, I also have Green Products that are certified under Green Seal's Revised GS-37, 2008 (2009) Standards that do a wonderful job on all but the most severely soiled floors that are Odorless and Low V.O.C.! When Performing Water Damage Restoration Services, I have a Green Label Anti-Microbial Product that can be applied, which is effective for all situations except for sewage losses.

Speaking of Green Cleaning, it's time for me to  go on a rant! Besides just using Green Products, these are just a few of the ways My Carpet Cleaning Services Provides Greener Services;
  • Pre-vacuuming reduces the need for more products, and requires less water. While other Cleaners Only offer Pre-vacuuming with their "Showcase" or  "Platinum" Packages if at all, we offer it with our basic package because it is a pre-requisite in the I.I.C.R.C Cleaning Standard, it eliminates the dry soils, it reduces the amount of pre-conditioners needed, and it makes sense!!
  • Pre-conditioning reduces the need to use more and more products down the line as well as more gas & power to run the equipment and water to be used!
  • Buying product in bulk and re-using containers saves resources, and the energy used to produce them, as well as to transport them and pick them up from supply houses.
  • When working over Wood Floors and other Delicate Flooring we use Double Sided Drop Cloths; Canvas on one side, Rubberized PVC on the other. They provide superior Protection as compares to plastic sheeting. While neither material can be considered GREEN, our Double Sided drop cloths are the GREENER OPTION, they can be reused a couple of dozed times before they are too worm for my purposes then they can be recycled for me to use as walk of mats at entry ways and then for as regular drop cloths for other contractors I know
  • Recycling containers that our products come in at the shop instead of throwing them in the trash at job sites