Pet Urine Breakthrough
Now For The First Time In Pet Decontamination History You Can Quickly Get Your Pet Concerns Completely Removed!

For years many pet owners and carpet cleaners attempted to remove this concern but with little or no success! It was frustrating and something needed to be done, since the success rate was low most cleaners stayed away from offering this much needed service. At that time the best that could be done was a topical treatment, but that only covered up and masked the concern for about two to three days. Then enzymes came along, they worked wonders, but unfortunately they were limited to light urine concerns only! While they did a good job on light pet concerns, when a client needed heavy removal it did little! Even if the cleaner was lucky and got most of the smell out, the stains remained. While enzymes helped, the industry still needed more powerful products that not only removed the smell but the stains that were left behind. What now? Well a couple of Specialty products manufacturers took a closer look! They figured the need for these products would have a future, They tested and retested each product in hundreds of situations, until they came up with several new products that really worked. Most cleaners didn't’t have a clue that this was going on. Many cleaners had given up on this service due to the low success rate, but a few of us kept trying and now that has all changed.


What Can I do to Help with Your Pet Stains & Odor Control Issues?

Whenever I clean a home with pets, I use a general deodorizer it’s a must! The deodorizer is applied as a pre-spray and after being given proper dwell time is rinsed out of the carpeting to eliminate any residues that may irritate humans or pets!

From one time accidents, small accidents to full discharges, and to the repeat offenses, Pet Stain & Odor Control/ Removal Procedures vary from spot to spot and area to area. From the topical treatment of smaller on time accidents to sub-surface treatments of larger accidents and the pad removal & re-installation associated with large accidents and habitual behaviors, I have different products and procedures to remedy the situation!

If you have only a couple of spots , I can give you an idea over the phone. But, for those of you that have a multiple stains or a major problem and are concerned with actually treating you're carpeting for pet stains and odor control, I have to inspect the area to make an evaluation and determine the proper procedure to follow. Keep in mind, there is no charge for this inspection! I need to see it to gauge what kind of results to expect. I need to see it to price it! For severe situations, I need to see it to give you my opinion on whether the carpet is salvageable.

Further, I hate to say it, but I must, there are times when I can get rid of the Odor but not the Stain!

Other times, the cost may be prohibitive or the conditions that caused the damage may have remained unchanged. Thus, "The Full fix" may not be practical and we may need to settle for another solution that less costly "Odor Control Solution".

Can You Really Be Confident In Me?

Yes! I think so and here’s why? I am constantly getting on going training, Even though I’ve taken on some of the toughest jobs, I do not want to miss any new advantages that I can get for my clients.

So I figure the more I know, the better I am able to get you the results you want. That is the secret to my success!

The Key is the Free No Obligation In-Home Inspection!

What If My Situation Is So Bad You Cannot Help.....Then What?

Then I will Tell You So!

Now For The Whole Truth About Me and My Company

Ok, Ok, I’m not perfect! (ask anyone who really knows me!!) I can’t fix everything! Therefore, on occasions I have to turn down some jobs!(very few) It’s not that I like doing this, but I’d rather tell someone who needs carpet replacement; that it would be their best option to replace their carpet rather than get their hopes up for nothing and set them up for disappointment. Most people appreciate this and later call me for other cleaning or refer me to a friend. I'd rather tell them this, rather than to do the job and later they wish they had replaced it! But don’t let this stop you from calling us. Almost 25% of my clients thought nothing could be done, but after an evaluation we were able to help them fix their concerns beyond their expectations.

Don't Hesitate, give me a call