Pet Stains Reomoved with a Quality Carpet Cleaning in Potomac MD


Fortunately for the people of Potomac Maryland and the surrounding area, My Carpet Cleaning Services has the equipment for a proper inspection and treatment of most pet stains in the cleaning vans at most times. All too often people think that Pet Stains just come out of the carpet without any extra effort or the total opposite, that there is nothing that can be done about removing them. Both beliefs are wrong!

While some of the smaller pet stains need no extra effort for removal, other mid-sized Pet Stains may only require a couple of extra steps and products removal process. Most Pet Stains need to be treated in multiple steps with multiple products to;

            1.Break down the urine deposits and allow them to be flushed out and away

            2.To Deodorize the fabrics and Remove the Pet Odor

            3.To Remove the remaining Pet Stain.

And even then, some Pet Stains are permanent!

The trick to removing Pet Stains and Odors is in first identifying the scope of the damage and then determining the proper steps to achieve the desired effect, while keeping the cost within reason.

Using an Ultra-Violet light that is tuned in for Urine and a moisture probe for finding the salt deposits, we inspect the carpeting as well as the padding too determine the scope of the damage

Topical stains are the most common and easiest to identify and treat. Some may only require a slight pre-treatment prior to the cleaning process while others will require a post cleaning treatment sa well that will take a little time to remove the residual stains.

Other times, we need to prepare a special product that we soak into the carpet’s padding  so that it can breakdown the salt in the urine deposits as well as the staining in the carpet. Afterwards, we can perform a Sub-Surface extraction of the contaminants from the padding right through the carpeting. If there is a stain left behind, we will then apply a Post Cleaning Treatment as well.

For more extreme cases, we may have to detach the carpeting so that we can remove the pad and seal the floor before replacing the padding. Once this is complete, we place plastic under the new pad and re-attach the carpet prior to then soaking the carpet and pad to then perform the subsurface extraction to treat the carpet.


This is why whenever someone calls to make a cleaning appointment, they are asked if they have pets during the phone interview. We want them to know of the potential for more intense and costly services than they may have originally though! When someone mentions multiple attaining or odors, we make an appointment for a FREE INSPECTION to determine the scope of the work and the cost for the Treatments.


If you live in Potomac Maryland, or the surrounding area, Please feel free to call at 301-445-7440 us or visit our website at for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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