Professional Carpet Cleaning Montgomery County MD

Professional carpet cleaning is more than just knowing the paper fabric your cleaning, the chemistry, the stains and techniques.

Colored stains cause by Acid Dyes need a special avenue of treatment and Natural Dyes need a different approach or the stain can be set permanently! Blood Spots have to be cleaned with cool water not hot; hot water sets the stain. Large amounts of blood are a Bio-Hazard and call for removal of the carpeting.You don't use conventional products for Natural Fibers, they have to be specially formulated for Cotton, Silk or Wool. The temperature  can't be too hot

Yes, we at My Carpet Cleaning Service know all that.

But there's more to it than that. There's the protection of your home and its belongings. And above that, there's knowing the rules and regulations throughout the areas that we work in.

For instance, disposal of Waste water as we work cleaning. In Montgomery and PG counties, we have to dispose of the waste water and a sanitary drain or on the residents property where can be absorbed into the ground. We're not supposed to dump it into the street or into a storm drain. WE can use a drain in an underground parking garage or a loading dock, but not a storm drain in a surface parking lot or on the street.

Many cleaning companies claim to be green. There is more to being A Green Carpet Cleaning Company than using green products! 

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