Quality Carpet Cleaning in Kensington Maryland

My Carpet Cleaning Service is a five star Carpet Cleaning Service located in Silver Spring Maryland. Here you see the setup for a project we did for a homeowner in Kensington Maryland.

A IICRC Certified Firm, featuring a Certified Master Cleaning Technician, My Carpet Cleaning Service provides superior service and cleaning! Unlike most Carpet Cleaning Companies, My Carpet Cleaning Service goes the extra mile in protecting the client's home before even starting the Carpet Cleaning. Drop cloths, Corner guards, huggers and walk off mats are common supplies found in My Carpet Cleaning Service's service trucks. After all, what good is a clean carpet if the walls are marked or the wood floor scrcatch stuff?

Once the Preliminary waork has been completed, we can get on with the business of cleaning. Be it Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Ceramic Tile & Grout or Wooden Floors, nobody cares for your home in Kensington Maryland and the suriunding communities better than My Carpet Cleaning Service. once this has been done, we get on with providing you with a detailed cleaning of your home's belongings, following the IICRC Guidlines, ensuring the best possible outcomes! Though you may be able to find a cheaper carpet service, you will not find another that equals our performance for less.

Don't be fooled by a cheaper introductory price! Calll for a detail phone estimate and then, if necessary, an in -house inspection  to confirm the level of service and cost! 

If you'd like any more information on My Carpet Cleaning Service and the services we provide please visit our website at www.MCC-Sercice .com. if you like you can feel free to call me at 301-445-7440