RockvilleMaryland, Water Damage can lead to Mold Growth if left Unattended


My Carpet Cleaning Service has been serving Clients in the Rockville Maryland Area since 1992. As a Certified IICRC Master Restorer with certifications in Water Damage Restoration and Microbial Remediation, I am more that qualified to handle most Water Damage situations, even one complicated with Mold. Unlike most other carpet cleaning companies that just dry the carpeting, I specialize in Complete Water Damage Restoration, Drying the carpeting & padding (when appropriate), Wooden Floors, Ceramic & Stone Floors, Trim work, Walls & Framing or removing when called for. Using specialized moisture detection and metering equipment enables me to perform a thorough Water Damage Restoration that returns the environment back to original state that it was in before the loss so that I can then turn back over to the residents for whatever needs to be done next. 

Losses such as this one pictured above and to the left require a little added care. Caused by a failure of the pumping mechanism for the condensation pump of the Air conditioning unit, this flood was left unattended for nearly a week before we were called to handle it. Even though the potential mold covered area is limited to about six square feet of drywall and framing, requiring minimal precautions; the work is performed while the Air handler is turned off and covered, there is a vacuum hose venting outside to water filtered waste tank and a HEPA Filter is employed during the entire working procedure and drying process to capture any airborne mold spores. After Removal of the effected drywall, the mold covered framing is cleaned, treated, cleaned again then heat dried under a plastic tent venting to the HEPA filter.   

Once the walls have been repaired and painted, the carpeting can be re-installed and then we can clean them as well. For more information on Water Damage Restoration Services performed in Rockville Maryland by My Carpet Cleaning Service Please come visit My Water Damage Restoration Page, If you have any question or need an emergency service, call Me Now, 301-445-7440.