Sand-less Wood Floor Refinishing, Carpet and Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

My Carpet Cleaning Service is a full service Floor Care Company. Providing multiple services that combine to make your home look like new. First we dried the Wooden Floor, Cabinets and Walls after a water leak from the Kitchen Sink and re-installed the Kitchen Counter and Cabinets

Now, we are cleaning the Carpeting, Ceramic Tile & Grout, as well as removing years of Acrlyic containing cleaning products and Providing a Full Sand-less Refinishing of half the wooden floors. We will be returning after the  the finish had fully cured to move the contents to where we have already finished and treat the remaining wood.

The Sand-less Refinishing includes taping up protection along the perimeter of the work area, dusting & Vacuuming the floors, Multiple applications of a product meant to dissolve the residues, Rotary agitation with a floor pad & Rinsing before a final dusting and cleaning. Then we can apply a bonding agent followed by the appropriate finish, as chosen by the homeowner, to complete the entire Sand-less Refinishing process to renew the clients Hardwood Flooring.

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