The Distinguished Carpet Cleaning Service in Potomac Maryland


My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing Certified Cleaning Services in the Potomac Maryland area for over 22 years. What makes My Carpet Cleaning Service The Distinguished Carpet Cleaning Service in Potomac Maryland? For starters, as part of our CUSTOMER CARE PACKAGE, we use the latest equipment not only for Carpet cleaning, but to protect your family’s Home and its Environment!

Pictured above, you see our newest investment to protect your home Environment! The Seal-a-Door is so efficient at keeping the Hot & Humid Air outside and the Cool & Comfortable Air inside, that while we are working, you will not notice that the door is wide open. Only a few minutes after we have gotten set up and started, the house feels no different than before we arrived, leading to faster drying times!!!  

No increase Cooling bills, No pets getting in or out, or Neighbors sneaking a peak into the house! Combined with drop cloths, corner guards & huggers, and our carpet drying equipment, we pamper you with the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning, as well as Upholstery Cleaning, Power Cleaning of Tile & Grout and other related services that you have ever experienced!

WE don’t just rush into your house, try to sell you things that you are not interested in just to work up a ticket and earn a higher commission. We are not looking at the clock and trying to get the next house. We take the time to properly pre-condition your Carpet, Upholstery, or Tile & Grout; Applying pre-sprays and then the Power agitating the carpet, brushing the Upholstery or Scrubbing the Grout lines. We then neutralize and rinse out the cleaning products removing them, along with the soils from your home, and drying the areas as we go!

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If you live in the Potomac Maryland or surrounding areas and this type of service has been eluding you, then all you have to is Call  me, Rich, at My Carpet Cleaning Service, 301-445-7440, or send me an Email to  

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The Distinguished Carpet Cleaning Service in Potomac Maryland