Water Damage Mitigation Inspection in Olney MD

If you live in the Olney MD area and have had any form of Water Damage to your Home, then you need My Carpet Cleaning Service1 As an IICRC Certified Master Restorer, I have been trained and have the experience to search out the hidden Water and Mitigate the Damage before it's too late!

As you see, there are times that we must remove the Baseboards to access the walls and dry the entire structure, prevending costly secondary damage! There are times, we can dry the structure IN PLACE, without performing this type of selective demolition. Other curcomstances, such as the effected Sub-Floor below this Snap Lock Laminate floor can only be resolved by removal! In the video, you may even see the edges of the sub-floor near the opened wall starting to dry, but that is only happening because that section of floor was taken up the previous day.

If you home has suffered any form of Water Damage and you live in the OLney Maryland area, trhen you need to Call My Carpet Cleaning Services at 301-445-7440. For more informatioon, visit My website, www.MCC_Service.com