Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration in Olney, MD

My Carpet Cleaning Services provides top notch Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration Services in Olney Maryland and the surrounding subdivisions. With a IICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician on location at every project, I can assure that your home will be dried quickly and properly with no wet spots left behind.

Over the years, I have been called in to several “Supposedly Dry” mitigation sites for carpet re-installation and Water Damage Restoration services and have found carpet seams that have been ripped open by hand damaging new carpet as well as walls left soaking wet. Both situations were sings of neglect! The Franchise, Who's name shall not be spoken, performing the work had too much work and was in a rush, had untrained personnel or the just didn’t care

This particular water damage mitigation was the result of a leak caused by an old hot water heater in the utility closet. Thus, we had clean water from the beginning and we were able to extract the water and apply an anti-microbial before any bacteria had a chance to grow and the dry the structure.

Providing Emergency Water Damage Mitigation Services means an immediate response followed by proper Structural Drying and Communications with the Homeowner and the Insurance Company. Thus ensuring that the home owners loss doesn't become a tragedy.

Then we can follow up with the restoration of your home's environment bring it back to its pre-loss condition. Repairing any damage drywall and replacing any remove trim work, followed by painting as needed. Then, as in this Watergate Damage Restoration, replacement of the padding and reinstallation of the carpet before the carpet is cleaned.

For more information on My carpet Cleaning Service, our Water Damage Mitigation Services and Water Damage Restoration Services, please feel free to visit our website, www.MCC-SERVICE.COM  On the website, you can read about all of the services that we provide!


If your home has suffered any form of Water Damage and needs Water Damage Mitigation Services, please feel free to call me at 301-445-7440 any time of Day or Night!