Water Damage Restoration Rockville Maryland 20854


Water travels following the path of least resistance across floors until it finds a low spot or an opening and then down it comes to the floor below creating an even bigger mess! This house in Rockville Maryland had a ring go bad underneath the toilet in the original 1960’s bathroom upstairs and after leaking for a few days it finally saturated the sub-floor beneath it as

well as the framing and them the ceiling of the kitchen as well as the cabinets!

This water damage started off as a clean water loss but turned into a more severe water damage restoration scenario because of the time that it went unnoticed! While it sat unnoticed, mold started growing in the wood sub-floor and on the drywall on the kitchen ceiling’s interior surface. Even worse, the plumber exposed the hose to the mold when he arrived and poked holes in the wall to look for the leak!

Thus, what could have been a simple restoration became a more complex restoration because of the time elapsed before the water damage was first noticed and the need for extensive structural drying along with the pre-existing mold complication.

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