Water Damage Restoration in Olney Maryland


My Carpet Cleaning Services not only provides the most Thorough Carpet and Cleaning Services that you have ever experienced, But we thrive in provide the same level of Water Damage Mitigation services as well!

We Provide Water Extraction Services, Dehumidification and Structural Drying. Water Damage can be from a Leaking Toilet or Broken Pipe, an Ice Machine line that has come loose, a failed Sump Pump, a cracked Sprinkler Head.... Whatever the cause, we are prepared to Mitigate the Loss.

Using Thermal Imaging Technology, we win the game of Hide & Seek that water plays as it makes its way through you home. Mapping out the damage and then using specialized drying equipment as needed to dry the Carpeting, Wood Floors, Walls and other Structural components of your home.

Then, once all is confirmed dry, we even Build-Back any Walls that needed opening, installing new Insulation, Drywall and Baseboards before painting. We even Remove and re-install cabinets that needed removal.

As seen in the photo's above, we can easily find water that others may miss. Just 2 months ago, this same house was flood from the same upper level bathroom. Once we realized the Soffit above the wall cabinets was saturated, it was decided that we remove the cabinets for promote the rapid drying of the framing behind the walls. What we found was most disturbing!

It got even worse when we removed the drywall, the mold was even on the other side

As result of the previous loss, the water was left there, untouched and left to provide the moisture for the mold to grow. Fortunatley, we had HEPA Filtration set up to protect us and the indoor environment.

If you find your home has developed a leak and you are in need of Water Damage Restoration Services in Olney Maryland or the surounding area, please Fell free to call us at 301-445-7440. For any further information, please visit our website, www.MCC-Service.com