Water Damage Restoration involving a Sewage Back-up Rockville, Maryland


My Carpet Cleaning Service has been providing Certified Water Damage Restoration Services, including Sewage Back-ups for the Rockville Maryland and surrounding community for the past twenty years.  From what some consider Potomac of Falls Road to Georgia Ave that might be considered Olney, I have been taking care of Homes, Churches, and Businesses throughout Rockville Maryland since 1991!

AS am IICRC Certified Master Restorer, I have training not only in Basic Water Damage Restoration, But Structural Drying as well as Microbial remediation; The three musts for Sewage dealing with back-ups!

Knowing what needs to be done to protect you and your family or staff & clientele from your home or business from becoming and unhealthy living environment is what a successful Water Damage Restoration, Especially a Water damage Restoration involving a Sewage Back-up  is all about.



The story of the picture above goes like this; since a previous “restorer” thought that all they has to do with this Water damage with Sewage Water back-up in the basement was remove the padding and spray some de-odorizer, this home’s environment was already compromised and there was no need of using our Zip Wall Systems to block off and protect all the contents on the built-in shelving. Now, we are using the HEPA units and Negative Air to filter and clean the air. The following morning, the house’s smell upstairs, at least, was back to normal.

In Short, after identifying the area of effect and setting up the necessary environmental controls, removing all of the BACTERIA INFESTED WATER AND CONTAMINATED MATERIALS from the beginning and not giving it an opportunity to multiply and off gas is the first order of business. Then after the application of anti-microbial treatments, the rest is business as usual, till we get everything dry, then we can perform a thorough Bio-cleaning and a final application of the Anti-microbial treatment.

If you have any concerns with the work that was performed at your home, please do not hesitate to call, if I have the time, I will be glad to be your sounding board for advice.

Visit My Carpet Cleaning Service and you can learn all about my company and the way I approach all of my services while I care for your Home and it’s furnishings and contents. If, you have a Water damage Restoration involving a Sewage Back-up and live in the Rockville Maryland area, please do not hesitate to call me right away, DAY OR NIGHT!  301-445-7440.



Hratch “Rich” Gakavian