Wet Basement Walls and Cabinets in Rockville Maryland


My Carpet Cleaning Service has been taking care of wet basements in the Rockville Maryland and surrounding areas for over 20 years now. As an I ICRC certified firm, featuring a I ICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician on every Restoration, My Carpet Cleaning Service brings the knowledge, the experience and the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to detect and mediate the damage that water has caused in your carpeting in the basement but other flooring materials, in the walls and other structural components throughout basements and the rest of your home no matter what the source.

Pictured above you can see the results of water flowed out of a clogged condensation line of a central air-conditioning unit and sat in the utility closet and carpeted area in the basement for several days before the homeowner noticed it. In that amount of time, mold had started to grow on the drywall in the utility room as well as is on the cabinetry in the small kitchenette in the basement.

In less experience company may have just taken out the padding and blown air to dry the carpet and spread the mold throughout the house. But again, My Carpet Cleaning Service, featuring an I ICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician on every Restoration didn’t make that mistake!



First things first, a HEPA filter was set to capture any of the airborne mold spores that had already been released into the air. Then a plastic zip wall was set up to create a drying chamber and further contain the area and help place it under negative pressure while work was being done. Now that the rest of the home’s environment was safe, we can begin our work in the affected area.





We then cut out the effected Materialsand Dried the structure. After waiting for all the back and forth to end with the insurnce comapny, we were finally able to Rebuild & Paint the Walls, and rthen eplaced the Carpet & Padding!                                             

If this is the type of care you want given to your home in your time of need and you live in the Rockville Maryland area, then you need to call my company at 301 – 445 – 7440 whenever you have any type of water damage emergency!


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Rockville Water damage turned To mold