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A Professional Service Company 

The following paragraphs should paint a good picture of Me, My Company, My Work Ethic and related philosophy. I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland, Class of '87. I worked my way through school working the desk at a small hotel, delivering pizza, working in a dark room processing film, working in the campus book store, and driving as a courier. After school, I ran a dry cleaning company and then a cabinet shop.

Then, 22 years ago I started cleaning carpet with a friend and kind of liked it as opposed to working in an office. So I got a job and started working as a "service technician". I soon tired of the ways things were run, so I quit and got a job with a “more reputable” firm, boy was I wrong about that. I soon learned that the only way I was going to able to provide quality services that I could be proud of was to work for myself and have done so for the last 20 years!

This is one of the reasons why I have posted the Consumers' Guide to Hiring a Carpet Cleaner in my web site! I don't want anyone else to fall prey to these unethical companies that have ruined the reputation of my Industry. Of course I want you to hire me, but if not me, I don't want you to hire someone that is going to rip you off and make you harbor resentment to all carpet cleaners!

Over the years, I have taken countless classes and attended multiple seminars. I strike out to keep myself educated on the newest products and methodologies as they apply to my trade. As a result, I have achieved the status of I.I.C.R.C. Master Cleaning Technician and Master Water & Fire Restoration Technician.

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No, it's not a Master's Degree from college, just from my trade association which is recognized world wide, I have provided a link to their website below.

You have to understand me; I don't "Sell The Sizzle" or run a "Bait & Switch" operation. I offer Four Cleaning Packages; Economy, Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus; each package can be modified to suite your needs! I provide professional carpet cleaning and water damage restoration services without cutting corners and charge accordingly. I project a reasonable outcome based on the condition of your carpeting, fabrics, or other flooring and will not leave you disappointed!

I don't run so called "Maintenance Specials" like those coupon companies to justify shoddy work and a pretense for fraudulent "Add-ons" once in your home! My specials, when I run them, are just that; discounted pricing on my Economy and Basic Services. They aren't some "wet down, take the money and run" scam that is associated with those "Coupon Cleaners" that you are warned about in the Consumer's Guide To Hiring A Carpet Cleaner! My prices are higher than those "introductory prices" quoted over the phone or on the coupons of those "Fly by Night" companies that have ruined the image of our trade! My prices are consistently lower than a majority of other I.I.C.R.C. Certified Firms for the same high level of services and high standards of care! They have too many layers staff and over head to compete with me in that regard.

When You call you will get an estimate over the phone based on questions designed to give me an understanding of your needs. Then,I'll adjust the cost it within the parameters of the original estimate when I come out to your home based on measurements and actual conditions! I'll even come out to your home prior to scheduling a service, to provide a free carpet audit ( and test if necessary ) so you can know exactly what to expect!

I have built my business, and made my living by providing my services on a repeating basis to commercial and residential customer’s year in and year out. I would like to take the opportunity to add you to my list of customers. If you have any need of my services, call me; I will be glad to give you a comprehensive estimate, you can fill out the questionnaire in the contact me section, but I'll still want to talk to you about your needs. Further I will be glad to come out for a free carpet audit and written quotation!

So,If you're looking for someone to provide you the same standard of care that he expects himself from a service provider;

I'm Your Man!

Trust your flooring with a Certified Master Cleaning Technician and enjoy the results!

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