Why Vacuum before Carpet Cleaning is important!


My Carpet Cleaning Service has been performing I ICRC approved cleaning services for the residents of Rockville Maryland and the surrounding communities for over 20 years. Vacuuming prior to any cleaning, Carpet, Upholstery, Wooden or Tile & Grout Flooring is a must. Over 80% of soils found in fabrics can be removed by thorough vacuuming. The same can be said for hard surfaces like wooden or ceramic tile flooring. By first removing these dry soils though wet cleaning process is made more productive for several reasons.

Any carpet cleaning service that is I.I.C.R.C. Certified knows that the first step to a thorough cleaning is a proper vacuuming. Yet, so many carpet cleaning companiesare not I ICRC certified and do not include a vacuum as part of their trucks inventory. Even some certified firms neglect the importance of pre-vacuuming. They shift the burden of vacuuming to the homeowner by stating that they need or should vacuum before their arrival, but they can’t or fail to do so if necessary.

Why is vacuuming so important? First of all, by removing all these soils by the vacuuming process carpet fibers are cleaned and lifted up into position that will allow better coverage by spotting agents and pre-conditioners. Thus the cleaning agents are able to be absorbed by and then work on work on all sides of the fibers. Foster cleaning agents can do a better job breaking down the sugars and proteins that are the result of spills as well as the soils that are tracked in from outdoors and suspending them in the cleaning solutions.

Then they make the extraction process more productive by allowing the sugars and soils that have been suspended by the cleaning solutions to be more easily removed as opposed to being protected from the cleaning solutions by the dry soils that have been turned to mud when the carpets aren’t vacuumed.

Further, if the carpets were vacuumed before the cleaning, then all those dry soils that have now been wet down and turned mud, as well as those clumps of hair that are now heavy and wet, clinging to the carpets, require much more effort to be removed and as they are removed they clog up the filters to the steam cleaning unit’s own vacuum system. This in turn lessens the ability to remove as much possible moisture and water soluble soils from the carpet during the cleaning process, extends the drying time of the cleaning and can lead to complications such as stains wicking up during the drying process.

Basically, a good cleaning can be ruined just because the cleaning technician didn’t take the time to properly vacuum the carpet!

My Carpet Cleaning Service offers vacuuming with all of our basic cleaning services. Homeowners can opt to vacuum if they like, however it is not their solely their responsibility! Just think of it, if a service provider is skipping on the first step that is needed, can they be properly providing a complete service, NO!

If you want a service that does a proper cleaning for you without needing to be prompted by you at every turn, My Carpet Cleaning Service is a you need to call. For complete overview of our services, please visit our website at www.MCC-Service.com. We can be reached at 301-445-7440 to answer any of your concerns on a one to one and individual basis. Over the phone estimates are available as well as in-home walk-throughs for more complicated issues.


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