Wool Area Rug Cleaning Potomac Maryland


Proper Cleaning of Area Rugs begins with removing all of the dry soils as possible. This can only be accomplished by removing the rugs from the home and taking them back to the shop where we can dust them using our Professional Area Rug Cleaning Equipment!

The rugs are placed upside down on an elevated platform and then Dusted with the Rug Badger, pictured above, releasing the deep down soils onto the floor below and the process repeated till the falling soil is no longer! We then Vacuum the rugs. you can see the dirt and wool fibers tat was dusted and vacuumed out of the rug in te Picture above

Next, Wool Area Rugsare tested for color bleeding so we can then safely clean or wash your Area Rugs without risk of damage. If color bleeding is a concern, we use products to control dye migration or we shall Dry clean your rugs!

Once clean, your rugs are ready to have Fabric Protector Applied and / or hung to dry. Fans blowing on them from above and below in a dehumidified, air conditioned or heated, as needed, environment. Once dry the rugs are then vacuumed again and wrapped for delivery back to your home in the Potomac Maryland area.

For more information on our Area Rug Cleaning Process or to schedule a pick up, Call Rich at 301-445-7440 or visit our Website , www.MCC-Service.com

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